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There are 21 Award categories this year. Seventeen (17) categories are open for journalists to submit entries (except the journalist of the year and various media genre awards); there are no categories for voting by the general public this year; and two (2) Special category for the GPU to award two individuals and institutions for their outstanding contribution and support to journalists and media development.


Entries under categories opened to journalists can be submitted via the Submit Entry Link on our website.


Shortlisted journalists will be announced in November ahead of the Award night on December 16th.



Who is eligible: The competition is open to all registered Gambia-based media outlets and journalists. Also, Gambian focused media outlets operating outside the country will be considered for this year’s awards. Gambian journalists whose stories are published on local and foreign media outlets are also eligible. All entries must have Gambia news values.


What is eligible: Work must be published/broadcast between January 1st and December 31st, 2022. 

Opinion articles, advertorials, work produced under contract for commercial promotion and newsletter issues/articles are not eligible.

Personal blog, personal social media accounts/pages (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.) and content from non-media outlets are not eligible. 


Submission Rules: You may submit as many entries as desired. However, DO NOT submit more than two works/stories for a single category.

In addition, a work/story CANNOT be submitted in more than one category. Each entry has to be accompanied by a submission form. Example, one submission for one entry; two submissions for two entries, etc.

Audio or video entries for news items must not be more than 3 minutes news pieces. Features and special reports can go up to 7mins and long.

Text entries can be up to 3,000 words long.

All entries must be in English language.

Audio and Video entries that are not in English must be translated or subtitled in English

Submissions can also be made by any Editor for another journalist, irrespective of whether that journalist is a member of his/her staff. 


Each entry must be accompanied by a completely-filled submission form. 


Fill the submission form below and upload your files via the website.  Alternatively, download and fill the submission form and send as email attachment, together with your entry, in the appropriate format (PDF, for text; mp3, for audio; and mp4, for video). 

Text button- use this for Print/newspaper entries and upload scanned entries in PDF file format


Audio button - use this for audio entries and submit using mp3 file format. 


Video - use this button to upload video entries in preferably mp4 format. 

Please note: The maximum file size for upload is 100MB. Large files take time to upload and may stall or fail when internet connection is low. So, it's best to confirm and ensure file sizes are within the maximum limit. Consider reducing files sizes, if beyond the limit allowed.


EMAIL SUBMISSIONS - Email submissions should be sent to [email protected]Each entry must be accompanied by a submission form - one entry, one form.


Download submissions form for print in PDF or Word Doc


All Print Entries must show the name of the author, headline, and date of publication. 

All audio and video entries should have the sign-off or cue, mentioning the name of the reporter. 


Prizes: Winners shall receive a trophy, a certificate, and a cash prize on the night of the awards ceremony.


Entries are opened on Monday 9th October 2023 and closed on 11th November 2023.


(Max. size: 30 MB)

I, (name of participating journalist) ID No . am willing to participate in this competition.